How I went from stressed and trying to do "all the things" - to traveling the world, building profitable brands that serve others and helping other entreprenuers do the same...

But Starting My First Business Wasn't So Much Fun.

I failed miserably at my first business! Not something you'd expect to hear right from the start, huh? But it's true and I won't lie to you! I lost lots of money and the motivation to keep trying! Notice, I never said I lost time (but more on that later). It wasn't until I had a "come to Jesus" meeting and learned that what I needed to be successful, was already inside of me. Now I use the same techniques of combining Biblical Principles with Practical Business Skills, to generate over 6 figures in each of my businesses. Is it easy? Nope! (I told you I wouldn't lie to you). Is it worth the hard work? Every. Single. Day. Especially when you desire a life of financial stability, freedom and the ability to live your life, without compromise! Now, I enjoy helping others create and grow their own profitable businesses and impactful ministries, all from the best starting place: within! Interested in the Nitty, Gritty version? Keep Reading...

From less than 40 bucks to a 6-figure business...

It didn't happen overnight, that's for sure! To be quite honest, my first successful business venture - started with 3 months of "crickets" - the sound of crickets in my workspace. The sound of crickets in my bank account.  The sound of crickets on my social media page - just crickets!  

I'm being dramatic - just a touch, but that's how it felt!   

Had I made the wrong decision? What was I thinking? Why would I leave my job to pursue this? Maybe, I made a mistake? Maybe, God made a mistake! I was almost certain my hubby made the mistake! After all - he approved this nonsense! Who did I think I was, trying to start a business that would be my full time income? I had failed so many times before, why did I think it would be different now?

Who did I think I was trying to live off of my own gift? my own creativity? my own business idea? ...and then it clicked!   

I wasn't my own! None of my creativity or business sense or insight or witty ideas were mine - they were gifts given to me by God! No seriously! I know you're thinking I'm getting too deep and spiritual - but it's true! 

It was true for me and it's true for you, too!  What you have growing within you is a gift from your creator, God! 

He knew what gifts to entrust to you! What experiences to take you through! What passions to infuse in you and what purpose to assign to you. 

Once I realized that my gifts would truly make room for me - I got to work and made room for the gifts!  

With $32, that divine revelation and some practical business strategies - I kept pushing! 

With 3 months of ZERO sales - I kept pushing! 

With "pretend friends" - launching my ideas and proprietary plans - before I could - I kept pushing! 

Oh! I could tell you some stories! 

You can just call me the HOPE PUSHER - because that's what I did! I put my trust and hope and faith in God and kept pushing! 

I learned that from my dad! The first real business owner in our family! 

But he was a natural! Charming! Financially Wise! A Born Visionary! And He wasn't afraid to ask for the sale...

I worked with my Dad - but I didn't have the "gift" like he did...

I remember telling everyone in High School that I didn't know what I wanted to do when I grew up - but I knew what I didn't want to do : anything that involved SALES! (yea, I'm laughing, too) 

Even now, I don't feel as if I'm in sales at all...I'm in the business of helping others discover and use their gifts and skills to create their own profitable businesses...

That feels better! 

Before I realized it - my business became a real gift to me! It became a ministry in the marketplace! A happy place for loyal customers! The means to build more businesses! The full-time, over-time, income that I could only dream of! 

Funny thing is, I didn't know I had earned 6 figures when I did! 

I remember praying a few years back, sitting at my desk - nearly one week after the Christmas rush! 

The business had grown out of our house - so I sat quietly at my desk, packing up to take some time off for the Holidays! 

While the business had grown and my family was able to travel the world and do so many amazing, things - my dream at that point was to generate 6 figures! 

I had surpassed my 5 figure goal using FACEBOOK alone - a few years before - but I was ready for the big numbers. I was ready to scale this puppy and retire my husband, momma, cousin, children, the dog (and I didn't even have a dog) 

I just was ready to go for it! I believed that if God could show me how to create income and get off of my job - he could show me how to grow it and grow it bigger each year! 

As I packed my bags and pushed the holiday receipts aside - I set a goal!

I asked God to help me in that coming New Year - to generate 6 figures! 

Others were making resolutions - I was making declarations! 

I asked God to bring it to pass in the coming year! I had already proven that I was willing to do the work and stay diligent and not give up when times got hard - I know how to keep pushing - remember?

As I closed my computer for the night - I heard a voice inside of me! It said - "Check Your Numbers"

I thought I had and since it was the Holiday season, I made the deposit for the bank and prepared to go on a 2 week break -

The voice came again, "Check Your Numbers" - "Not today's numbers, but Yearly Numbers".

So I did! I asked my husband to wait a minute, while I returned to book down my books and open my computer.

Of course, he looked confused - 

We had a cruise to pack for and he was "ret tuh go" - I was, too! But I couldn't deny the voice in my head...

When I reviewed the numbers for that year - not only had we reached 6 figure status, but we had surpassed it! 

God had already answered our prayers, while I was still asking...

Wait! How did that happen? How was I asking God to grant me something I already had? 

Crazy, right? It's because I was so busy working IN the business- that I missed working ON it!  (you'll get that later)

Did it come easy? You already know the answer.

Go back and read about me not making any sales for over 3 months...

Or when someone I thought I could trust - literally created the same type of company - selling the same exact thing - the same exact way that I did...after we met and became "friends" - Now! that person doesn't speak to me! 

And there was the time I was asked by a Government agency to take the scriptures off of my label to get a huge contract deal (that I so desperately needed) 

I didn't do it - I wanted to, but I couldn't compromise - 

Or the time I went to sell at craft show and a business selling similar products, whispered to every customer that our products came from china...

I could go on and on about my journey, but when I realize that God showed me how to take a little and turn it into much-----I get excited! 

And it doesn't mean times haven't been challenging. Those challenging times were the lessons I needed to get where I am today - 

It's the stuff that makes up the REAL information, that people can use! 

These lessons go way beyond the pretty pictures on social media and the expensive offers and free master classes...

Every lesson! Every heart break! Every disappointment! Every upset, was all worth the rewards that I enjoy now! 

Those rewards are much more valuable than money! 

I have freedom! Freedom to live a life that is full and exciting. 

I have been rewarded with experience. 

Experience that I gained on my own! Not from anyone else's book or system or money making scheme! I know what I know, because I actually walked through it myself.

I now have resources that I use to help others in need and to serve my community in ways that I feel called to.

The list goes on - but the exciting thing is that now I have the opportunity to share what I've learned with others!

I'm now able to share my experience of creating profitable businesses- with others who desire to do the same.

I've taken the same steps and tools that I used to create the first 6 figures and duplicated it in our other businesses.

It's amazing how the rewards that excite me most - have nothing to do with money!

I don't believe in the thought that doing any of this is easy! But with the right guide, the right heart and the right motive - the BLESSED life of your dreams is possible!

I'm grateful to God for allowing me to learn the lessons I needed - so that I can in turn teach them to others! 

You've got everything you need within! Now, Let's build something great!