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Vacationing In The Middle Of A Pandemic!

travel Jun 26, 2020

Yep! We sure did! We got OUT of Dodge (wherever that is).

Think what you want to, but after nearly 4 months of quarantine. NO traveling (and you know I love to travel), NO cruising (and you know I love to cruise), NO Family getaways (and you know I love my family and getaways)....a sister was just about to lose it! 

...Until my amazing, awesome warm hearted, loving (he's reading this so just bear with me), self less, handsome hubby had the best idea, ever! 

Either it was that or I was getting on his last, borrowed nerve and he knows how traveling calms me down!  He decided that as soon as one of our favorite locations re-opened for travel, that we would fly there and stay for a week or so! 

If that man ain't NEVER blessed me before - this was truly a gift to my soul.

Listen! I was tired of being in the house - not seeing my family - wearing the same ole' jeans and shirts and I was completely over it.  

If I had to match another mask with another outfit, I was gonna scream! 

Here are 2 things I do know: 

  1. Not everybody is on board with traveling right now - no matter what location has re-opened - and I respect that! 
  2. Chile' - those people aren't ME! My bags stay pack (and of course, I followed all the precautions required)

Anybody who knows me - and I mean, really knows me, knows that I love to travel. I love hitting the wide open road (or the friendly skies or the high seas) - OK! I love to travel - so you get the picture.

And not being able to go anywhere, but the local grocery store and the living room, to do another Zoom Bible study just wasn't  doing it. Sorry, God! But He knows what I mean...(I hope)

We flew out after our Sunday Morning Facebook Live! Service and headed to the airport.  I don't like to fly - but I couldn't get on that sanitized aircraft fast enough...

Hearing those comforting words, "THIS IS YOUR PILOT SPEAKING" did something to my heart...I nearly shed a tear! I actually think I did!

...and within two or so hours, I was feeling the sun on my face and ready to slip into my favorite swim wear and sip something cool and delicious by the pool!   

I could finally breathe again!  Y'all just don't know!  

Hubby had arranged for most of my sweet, family to come along with us and we had a blast!

Now, don't get me wrong! We had to do all the things! You know ALL the things that are required during this COVID-19 era and we weren't for one second against it.  It was for our safety and others. 

So, of course we had to wear mask on the entire flight.  Although it was a short flight - it was still "different".  

The only time you could remove your face covering was as you ate and drank the "pre-bagged" snacks that were passed out with very little points of contact. 

I decided to use the entire flight time to enjoy my cheese nips and bottled water - that way my mask hung from my ear! LOL  Don't judge me! #pandemicflighthack

The airline that we selected did an amazing job at keeping everyone socially distant and safe!  

Beyond that : our car rental company offered contact less delivery of the vehicle, and things seemed to be just fine! 

With many states reporting rising cases of COVID re-emerging, many people are becoming more and more hesitant and even fearful of traveling.  

I get it! OK! Not really - but let's just say - I understand. 

I can't tell you how many of my friends messaged me to tell me to please be safe and to please be careful and to please don't do this and please don't do that...

It's the same warnings I received at home, headed to the Kroger! 

My thoughts: if I have to be safe and careful at home - what's the difference in being safe and careful on vacation? I chose being safe and careful on VACAY!!!


Now, don't misinterpret! I'm not saying that I'm not being cautious and I'm risking my health (or that of my family), because I simply want to getaway! 

By no means!  I'm simply saying that traveling to states that have reopened - with good, measures in place  will require the same efforts at home.

We wore masks! We social distanced! And we had a blast, being secluded together enjoying a change of scenery and one another! 

Itching to getaway, but not sure if you should? Here are a few things to consider:

  • If you can - rent a private house, villa or airbnb. That will limit the number of people in that space.  I'm not ready to revisit a hotel yet, so my family booked an amazing home with a private pool - we were the only ones using it and that felt much safer than headed to a wide open hotel or resort.
  • Wherever you go, ensure that the cleaning requirements are being following in alignment with the CDC guidelines for sanitation.  Our rental company offered detail information about their upgraded cleaning procedures between rentals and we were offered additional cleaning service throughout our stay.
  • Heading to eat out? If you walk into a restaurant that has guests sitting in each booth or table side by side - LEAVE!  If your server isn't wearing a face covering - LEAVE!  Bartender, not covered? LEAVE  Serving staff? - ok you get the picture!   Ensure that when eating out or visiting any food and beverage establishment - staff and guests are practicing the required social distancing procedures and wearing appropriate face covering.
  • The same goes for Grocery stores! (although we visited the grocery store twice, we noticed that shoppers were a little less likely to wear masks - possibly because grocery stores are much bigger and there is ample space to distance yourself).  Either way - do what makes you feel comfortable and safe! 
  • Visiting a beach area? Spread out and be cautious! Point. Blank. Period. (Our family opted for a pool home instead - we knew who would be in the water and we could control our environment - not so with a beach getaway. You're on your own with this one! 

All in all! No matter where you go - whether you stay home or go away, you'll need to be careful, be safe and have all of your necessary protective essentials with you.  

Coming from a praying family - we prayed before we left, during our trip and afterwards.  I'm praying right not!  Praying for another getaway real soon! 

Now if you are one of those that believe wearing masks is insane and crazy and this entire COVID-19 virus is a hoax - why did you even read this far?  This was not for you! 

For the rest of you! Travel if you want - just be careful and be safe!  It's the same thing you would have to do - even if you stayed home and headed to Walmart! 

Bon Voyage! In the words of my inner thoughts: You better LIVE! Honey, LIVE! 


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