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I see it all.the.time.  People setting goals...and never achieving them!  Not necessarily because they can't achieve them, but because something gets in the way! Something hinders them or discourages them or worse - they just don't do the "right" kind of work to stay disciplined and focused in order to reach their desired goals!  

We've all been there! Setting out with the highest of hopes, only to allow them to fizzle in a few weeks...and then having to generate the energy and excitement to start again building the momentum we need! 

This doesn't only happen in business! It happens with our relationships, faith, careers, health, name it! Losing the zeal to reach our goals, happens all throughout life!  

Goals, of any kind, are healthy!  They set up a standard and a plan to get us to a desired destination or result!  But here's the thing: Goals must be ACTIVATED!  They can't just stay on paper or in our minds! It takes MOVEMENT - to MOVE from any place to the next! 

Business goals help you gauge your success and help you stay motivated to reach those goals. Some people think the planning stage is boring, and I agree - it can be less "sexy".   But even those entrepreneurs like me, that get "boosted" and ecstatic in the planning phase - must make sure that action and accountability are attached to the goal!

Even for those entrepreneurs who prefer the “fly by the seat of your pants” or spontaneous approach to running their business need to have specific goals in mind.

Not having goals is equivalent to being on a hamster wheel going nowhere.

Starting a business or growing one, with NO goals in sight, is like running in mud.  You'll be moving, but only tire yourself out - and for absolutely no movement at all.

Having goals are a must, but you have to avoid these common mishaps that will hold you back from achieving your desired results. 

Below are the 5 Biggest (and most common) mistakes entrepreneurs make, when they set goals for their business (and life).  Take a few minutes to check out each one and take note if you recognize any of these in the life of your own business.  Once you're finished, I'll share an easy action step to point you in a better direction, to achieve your goals.

1. Procrastinating. Listen! There is no place on the calendar that says you have to wait until January 1st to set new goals. Try setting quarterly goals instead. If the idea seems overwhelming, set a timer for 30 minutes and start mapping your goals on paper. 

2. Not prioritizing. You can probably brainstorm dozens of goals that you want to achieve but having too many will distract you from the most important ones. Business goals are meant to help you focus, not get distracted; so minimize your goals and place the most important ones at the top of the list. It's all about clarity and honing in on the "right" goals at the "right" time. 

3. Being too vague. Saying you want to “make more money” is a bit too vague and you don’t have any way to measure if you’re reaching that goal. Even saying, my goal is to "get more customers" - needs a bit more details in order to be measurable. “More money” could mean an extra $100 per month or an extra $10,000 per month. Which would you rather see? Be as specific as possible with your goals so you can track your progress.

4. Setting goals that are too ambitious (or unrealistic). Sure, you should dream big and set your hopes high for the goals you have.  We know that "with GOD all things are possible" (Matthew 19:26), but God is also a God of wisdom, principles, order and timing.  When envisioning the lifestyle you want, be realistic! Setting a goal to make six figures in 3 months, when you haven’t reached the $50K mark, may not be so easy to achieve! Reaching 100K followers organically from only 100 followers, with no website, email or marketing plan, will only frustrate you!  Be realistic about your goals and be realistic about where you are and where you need to be, to reach those goals!  Break down those lofty goals into smaller, more achievable goals. It might take you two or three years to reach six figures, but it’s not impossible..and the 6-figures will still spend well. Don't despise small beginnings.  Celebrate small wins - so you can feel rewarded and continue to stay emotionally invested in the journey! 

5. Not working on your goals daily. Every task you undertake should lead you toward your goal. When I began my first business, I failed miserably at this! I woke up everyday without a real plan. Just doing a little of this, a little of that and hoping something happened. If you’re still doing busy work or behind-the-scenes admin work instead of money-making tasks, consider hiring a virtual assistant.  Outsourcing the necessary busywork will free up your time to get creative and focus on your book, next course, an upcoming webinar or creating your next product or offer. Yes, you’ll have to pay your assistant, but you’ll still end up making more money in the end - because you’re solely focused on your money makers.

Hiring help may not be possible in the beginning, especially if you're just getting started and you don't have the revenue yet. So, if that's you - you'll need to be even more strategic about your time!  Focus first on tasks that lead you toward your goal and those that lead you there - the fastest. 

One more helpful tip: 

Remember, you’re running a business, not pursuing a hobby.

You must think like a business person and visualize where you want to see your business in one year. Even visualize where you want to be in 3 months! When doing so, ask yourself what goals do I need for that to happen? What action steps do I need to take every day to make those goals a reality?

Your assignment: Do The Work: Now! that you know what not to do...Take some time to think about what you want to accomplish in your business and make sure you’re not making any of these mistakes in your goal-setting process.  Write down your top 3 goals and break each goal down in small, achievable wins!  Take time each day (or whenever you work on your business), to ensure that the "busy work" you're doing - is helping you toward your bigger goals. 

Wanna know how I get it all done - and focus my time on being PROFITABLE and PRODUCTIVE? 

[DOWNLOAD THIS FREE TRAINING] on Profitable Productivity!  You should be excited to wake up every day and work toward your goals; if you’re not, then maybe you need a little help on what to do and when to do it.  Maybe mix things up a bit and change how you’re setting your goals. Check out this training and let me know how you'll be re-setting your goals! 


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