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Happy Blessed New Year!

Whew! If You're Able To Say That...YOU ARE BLESSED! 

2020 Was A Tough One For Sure! But Apparently, You Are Still Here For A Purpose...A Divine One At That!  So Why Not Thank God And Get Prepared To Maximize The Time! 

Here Are 7 Steps That Will Help You Grow Your Business (And Increase Profits To...If You Follow These Steps Consistently In The New Season Ahead) : 

But Wait! You Know I Have To Add A Little "Sermon" In The Mix, Before I Give You My Tips! 



Most new start ups, die because of INACTION and INCONSISTENCY!

You have to have a PLAN and take consistent action on a regular basis, to grow your business.

Once you allow your business to become stagnant, your customers, clients, following AND YOUR REVENUE will do the same!

Let’s start the year with a commitment to prosper!

(Ok! I'll step out of the pulpit now) LOL

Here are seven action tasks that will lead you and your business to increased income and business growth.

1. Get YOURSELF Together! 

I know!  Seems simple, right? But it isn't.  By getting yourself together, you need to decide if you're going to be a true business owner or a hobbyist.  One is consistent and plans ahead for success. The other does something every now and then, that may make money, but mainly for fun.  You need to determine which one fits you best.  If you're going to be a business owner! OWN that and get to work with a PLAN and a GOAL and the MINDSET OF A MILLIONAIRE! 

2. Email Your Customers/Clients

Email marketing is NOT dead. It does take time, but it works! It's the best way to build relationships with your ICC (Ideal Customer Community) and Email is the easiest way to stay in touch with customers and prospects to let them know about your new offerings, your services and it keeps your brand at the top of their mind.  It also helps to increase the know, like and trust factor.  Just because you don't open all of your emails, doesn't mean that email marketing isn't something you'll need to incorporate into your business! (Don't miss my Do The Workshop Training On Email Marketing This February)  

3. Focus on Customer Service.

The long lost art of excellent customer service is fading fast in the business world. You have an amazing opportunity to keep it alive. While you may never please every single person that you serve, it is in the best interest of your business to try your best. Inevitably customers will contact you with questions or specific requests, even for refunds. Plan to be prepared with ways to answer your business issues in a timely manner. Create policies that you stick to regarding refunds, missed appointments, payments and unhappy customers. These are what we call standards of operation. Create the standards for your business and stick to them. Of course, disregarding or disrespecting a customer is never the answer. You'll find that a negative review or experience will always be highlighted greater than a positive one. Work to create a positive experience for anyone who interacts, contacts or does business with you. 

4. Raise Your Rates.

Are your prices competitive with the current market in your industry? When was your last rate increase? If you're new to business, be sure to spend time pricing your product or service right! If your price points start competitively, raising rates or managing increases - won't be an issue in the future. With the continuation of Covid-19, prices of many items have increased substantially, due to a number of factors (worldwide shortages, for one).  Your business may also be impacted by these increases and your pricing should reflect that.  Can your ideal client still afford your new rates? Be confident that your expertise is worth that new rate and create a plan to gently share your new rate plan to your current customers and clientele. The entire world is aware of so many price increases, due to the pandemic. But if you are struggling to price your goods or services for those who don't want to pay you what you are worth - that individual is probably not your ideal customer.  Move on! 

5. Repackage Your Product or Services.

You don't have to start over or reinvent the wheel. But a "fresh" look is always a great way to update older content -  books, programs, blog posts, etc. – and if you sell products, maybe consider new labeling designs or updated packaging that matches your brand colors.  Even creating new bundles of products or services or creating an entirely new product collection.  It's not always necessary to create something NEW! packaging it in a new way or presenting it with a fresh approach can increase sales and awareness.  The new year gives us the desire for new! Fill that need with your product and services, so that it will appeal to the people you serve. You may just gain new customers, too! But be sure to price accordingly.

6. Create New Products/Services For Your Regular Customers And Clients.

I mention creating NEW collections earlier, but if you have a service based business, that doesn't leave you out.  People purchase from  those they know, like, and trust, so think about your "regulars" and those that support you the most and create a special or exclusive offer just for them. Be sure to make the the offer appealing, exclusive, and time-sensitive to get quick action results. This works well too for former customers or clients, who you haven't heard from in a while! 

7. Partner with God! 

You should have known it was coming! But I can't be more serious when I say that when you partner with God - in your business and your can't even fathom all the amazing things that will happen.  It's not just about making money, it's about your influence in your community, to your family and to those who are "watching" - that you never even see.  Pray over yourself and your business. Ask God to give you divine insight and wisdom.  Trust Him to lead you to the right people and the right connections and yes! it's OK to ask God to send you customers...and good, paying ones, too! [ Deuteronomy 8:18 ] 

Here's a bonus, tip:  Don't get manipulated into all of these "coaching" schemes online these days.  Find you a trusted mentor who has been where you are trying to go.  Stay away from people who are trying to "show you how"  to do something they've never done themselves.  If you want to earn money in your business, be sure to connect with someone who actually has (or had) a business that is earning money - besides their coaching/mentoring programs! Stay safe! It's a jungle out there!

~ Joy | Your Business Therapist


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