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branding business marketing May 14, 2021

I work hard to make sure I "practice what I preach"!

Not just because it would be hypocritical NOT to, but because I want my own students and business buddies to see that DOING THE! 

Results are proof!  Results are receipts! And just last week, all the things I teach others - came into play in my own, product based business.

When I received the phone call, from a representative of a VERY, REPUTABLE ORGANIZATION - of course, I thought the call was about a "personal order".

"Yes! This is Joy, how can I help you?" - I asked

"Hi, Joy! You don't know me, but I've heard lots about you and your amazing brand."  (insert my deer in headlights stare and a big, cheesy grin)

*now let's pause for a moment*  TAKE NOTE: The caller admitted that I didn't know her (SHE WAS A STRANGER)

But how did she hear about me and my "brand"?  *I'm gonna share the details, soon* 

I even questioned if I was referred by someone or if we had a mutual "friend". 

Her answer? "I don't think so". (NOW SHE IS A COMPLETE STRANGER) 

She went on to ask if I would be able to handle an order that totaled over $6,000!  $6,570.72 to be exact! 

As a matter of fact, that would be her FIRST order - with others to come, totally around $30K in annual business.

***Let's just pause for a moment and let me do my church dance***

But how? 

How did she find my business?

How could she trust my brand, if she's never ordered anything from me, before? 

Not too many people will easily hand over a $6000 order - unless they've done their research and that's exactly what she had done!

She spent time "watching my brand" and eventually the KNOW, LIKE and TRUST factor came in to play as she worked to figure out if my company could give her company the value, service and experience, they were looking for.

Here are 5 ways I positioned my brand to make over $6K from a complete stranger:

  • CONSISTENT BRAND POSITIONING - Brand positioning is all about presenting your brand in a way that it's at the top of your target audience's mind - especially when they think of their needs - as it relates to your product's or service's industry.  It's all about the value and the benefits you want them to think of when they think of your brand.  The Brand Positioning Strategy I often use in my product based business is to consistently highlight key qualities and benefits in using my products. I also focus on relationship building to connect with consumers. I engage as often as I can and intentionally use interactive call to actions in my communications.  This brand positioning approach caused  a complete stranger to become aware of my brand, spend time watching the brand and then securing a major contract  and visibility to over 200 new customers! 
  • POLISHED BRAND IDENTITY: Not only should your brand have a message, but it should have an identifiable image that is recognizable, relevant and appealing to your target audience.  When building a brand, establishing a clear, consistent image that communicates your brand's message - without words is vital! I post on social media, in my emails and throughout my website - using consistent brand colors, fonts and image styling. This helps those that are "checking you out" from a distance, to see your brand as professional, polished and consistent. This is HUGE - especially for those who are making major purchase decisions for large companies or organizations. When done well, this practice could lead to large orders, wholesale contracts and more! Decision makers want to ensure that your brand imaging won't be "all over the place" - change too often - and helps them look good, too! 
  • PRICING PROFICIENCY:  When you are approached with large requests, group opportunities and contractual orders - you HAVE TO KNOW YOUR NUMBERS! Ensuring that your price points are profitable from the beginning, will make negotiations easier, when presented with a major opportunity. If you price for profits with 1 product or 1 service offer, you will be able to multiply those profits in a major way - when that offer is multiplied.  Since I knew what my profit margin was for 1 unit, it wasn't difficult to create a bundle price for 240 units. Get a handle on your pricing and you'll be able to enjoy larger profits with larger orders. 
  • SYSTEMS THAT SELL: I'm always teaching about creating systems and order in business, so that those systems and operating processes can help you sell - even while you're away!  Setting up systems in your business can set you up for success.  You'll be more organized.  You'll work less (if you use the systems correctly) and you'll be helping your business to sell - while you're away on vacation!  More importantly, you'll be more productive and profitable! Creating a "system" of how you operate your business is MAJOR - especially when it comes to landing large orders and contracts.  The way you post on social media is a system! How you manage your website is a system. Launching new products or services? You need a system! I know it sounds techy - but a system is simply a strategy, a plan, an operating technique that assists you in building your profitable business.  The systems in my business, that help me generate sells include my website, email address, social media platforms and of course, my invoicing capabilities.  These are All systems that help me sell and PROCESS THE SALE! If I didn't have a website (for a potential customer to evaluate), they might not see my business as legitimate.  If I didn't have CONSISTENT social media content - the potential customer may not have discovered me - or worse - thought that I was inconsistent in my product offerings, too!  What about my email "system"? No professional email = no professional reputation.  
  • PRAYER: Prayer is my go to! It works and it's effective. Not just prayers for money, but for favor and influence and visibility! I consistently pray that GOD MAKES HIS BUSINESS KNOWN TO WHOM HE WILL, AS HE WILLS, WHEN HE WILLS . When you recognize that all of your ideas, abilities, creativity, strength and income - comes from God's goodness - it's easier to let the weight of running a business be cast on Him.  That's why I refuse to fall for the "competition" method of building a business. My knowledge of how great GOD is, keeps me aware that I don't have to COMPETE to be BLESSED! God is big enough to bless ALL of us over and beyond what we could ever ask or imagine. Try it! Begin to pray over your business daily - just as you would anything else, then release your faith and trust His timing. 

Bottom Line:  You have the potential to get major orders, deals and $$$ - as long as you are willing to DO THE WORK, behind the scenes, and prepare yourself to receive it. 

Ask yourself? If a complete stranger called you to process a LARGE order, would you be prepared? would you be ready? could your business produce the order in a timely, professional and profitable way? 

Get ready! This is what separates building a HOBBY from building a BUSINESS! 


People may click the LIKE button...

They may never make a comment.... (my stranger contact certainly didn't)

They may never even let on that they are checking out your business...

...but they're watching!



Want to hear more on how to get your brand ready for big sales and offers? I'll share the checklist you need to make it happen LIVE! Monday at 7pm! 



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