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How To Use Your Social Media Presence Effectively To Help You Make $$$ While You Sleep!


Let me start by saying...It's not enough just to throw up a quick website, create a thousand different social media accounts and say you're in business! 

It takes work to manage, engage and create the RIGHT content for your audience.

I know I don't always follow the steps that the billion dollar "gurus" tell you to follow or the high end business coaches.  


Because, honestly?  No! you want my raw and uncut answer? 

Here it is:  A lot of those "systems", "methods" and "programs" - never worked for me.

I literally had to learn from God!  And I'm not being super deep here, I promise you I'm not...but it's true! 

I spent THOUSANDS of dollars - FOLLOWING, STUDYING and PRACTICING from "the best" coaches in the industry.  

Some things worked....most didn't.

Does that mean they were frauds! Not really...I took what worked, but also listened to my own insight to grow my business.

So, when it comes to creating an effective and profitable online presence - I don't follow the school of thought to jump on every platform and pour out content day in and day out - posting a million pretty pics and links to your website - until you're blue in the face.

I found that creating an online presence with INTENTION works! 

That intention starts with find the social media platforms that your target audience hangs out. 

So first knowing WHO you are actually serving is key!  

Wherever they hang out - build your social media presence there!  

We learned very early that our idea customers (for one of the brands we created) was rarely on Twitter.

So instead of me getting overwhelmed with how to engage on twitter - we decided that it wasn't necessary to have an account there.

Don't stress over it!

Choose 1-3 platforms where your target audience is and plant yourself there and show up with a mix of varying content on each platform. 

Make followers want to follow you everywhere you are online! 

So, if you have a Facebook account and an Instagram account - switch up the content so that they feel a need to follow you on both.

For example: for one of our product based businesses that we own, our Facebook content is generally filled with a variety of product announcements, testimonials, customer reviews, product information, and funny memes.  Our Instagram account features more lifestyle shots, the products in the making, ingredient details and we sprinkle a bit of inspiration on both platforms - because that is in alignment with our brand.

If you have a product based business, maybe you'll do "behind the scene" content on one platform and product launches and details on another.

As a service based business, you could share quick tips, easy fixes, or links to work with you or even what you're working on.  Another platform may contain content from your blog or podcast or testimonials from clients you've served.

There's a ton of things you can do to re-purpose your content to make it fresh and exciting for all of your followers - no matter where they follow you. 

Here's the money making tip:  Be sure to use social media to engage with your audience and not just sell.  So how do you make money from this tip? You build influence, you create trust and then when you DO post something to give to or something to purchase - there is already a feeling of connection.

Of course, throughout your posting - be sure to share how they can connect with you and how they can purchase from you or contact you for further information and ALWAYS ensure that the link to purchase, connect or contact is in your profile and your posts.

And check your links! Be sure the links you post to your website, product page or wherever actually works.  Test it - before you hit the final ENTER button.

One of the biggest turn offs for a follower is to get excited or interested about something you've posted and the link to [LEARN MORE] or [BUY NOW] doesn't work.

Of course, if this happens (and it does).  FIX IT!  Re-post with a NEW! post and a simple apology (in hopes to regain the interest of those who tried it before).

Another tip: Posting MINIMALLY on something MAJOR doesn't work! 

If you have a major launch, product release, big news, a special event or announcement - you have to post it more than once.

One post- one time won't gain you the traction you need to ensure that the majority of your followers have seen your good news!

With the onset of new algorithms in social media feeds, you'll need to do your part to ensure that your audience sees the content you really want them to.

That means you'll need to post your "important" content more than once to be seen.

Try researching when your audience is online.  Is it early morning? midday? or does your audience hang out late at night?  Find out and post then!  See how the engagement goes and continue to use that time frame, when posting your most important content.

I also suggest that you try different times on the same platform and do the same on the others.  You'll soon be able to better determine when to post on which social media platform that you have.

It's not rocket science - but some days it feels like it.

The goal to creating a profitable online presence is to make sure you are following these profitable action steps:

  • Create a routine social media schedule and be consistent 
  • Ensure that your brand elements are evident in your content
  • Include workable links to your products or service or even your email address (let the links make $$$ for you while you sleep)
  • Focus on who you serve - and show up on those platforms! 
  • Mix up your content : Keep it interesting and different
  • Include a blend of posts that influence, instruct, announce, and ask for the sale or the connection

There are many components to creating an online presence for your business.  The include blogging, website, email marketing and any other way that you connect with your audience online.

Social media is only one area, but it's an important one.  To maximize the use of the opportunity - plan ahead to position your social media platforms (and it's content) - as an avenue that leads your audience to a desire to purchase from you, work with you or give to your cause and purpose! 

Keep building! 



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